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Family Ouse 6

Ihuoma Chidire | Monday, 24 October 2016 | | |
Family Ouse
Previously on Family Ouse 5...

...Bayo bobo. That was Nenye’s pet name for our brother. She’ud ask Chizzy intentionally, always off the topic in discuss, “You see Bayo bobo for retreat this week?”...
“So you went to retreat to find missing brothers?”...

...Family Ouse birthday; dress up, be sang for, be ohhed and ahhed about, your nice deeds bared before willing and unwilling ears, etc and more etc. ...Bayo introduced his best friend, all the way from Awka to mark this beautiful day, his dark-complexioned pretty fiancΓ©, Yemitokpe Afolabi.  Click to read full story...

Family Ouse 6 continues...

The ouse had been dull for a while, nothing happening, same routine every day, wake by 4.30am for devotion, brethren speak in tongues while still in dream land, devotion co-ordinators OVERDOSED in the spirit, raps up devotion almost several minutes after the slated 5.30am for end of devotion.

Chizzy complaining often about “all these unnecessary OVER ZEAL that’s not even genuine, ehn, NOT EVEN sincere, just to impress!”

Ada muttering, “so somebody cannot be in the Spirit in morning devotion?!” deliberately not directing her unsolicited response at Chizzy, knowing the former’s anger is justified where ouse meetings, esp. morning devotions, are concerned.

See, Brethren cannot come and be in the Spirit alone every time and be dragging meetings 40, 56, 65, 73, and etc minutes later than scheduled time for such meetings. Anybody who has a thing for SPIRIT DWELLING should use his/her personal quiet time to build ESTATES in the spirit and fill such with ROOMSis so they can DWELL FOREVER. It was now an unwelcome, VERY UNWELCOME hallmark of the ouse meetings, one could never be done from meetings on time, it’s always, “…we sincerely apologize for taking our time, it’s not in our hands or our desire to stay this long….”

“Biko who’s desire is it?!” Chizzy always eyeballed none-in-particular at that, why do brethren take advantage of themselves? Eh?!

So nothing spectacular had happened for a while now, just brethren being brethren and the new bro Abana being or trying to be a brethren. Speaking of which, bro Abana had come to the house recently from one of the local governments for a course in the state capital and being a Jesus’ Corper, he naturally stayed in the ouse.

The brother’s ‘problem’ was the PLENRY IGBO in his mouth, the accent was heavy! Not that twas an ish or t’would have been any body’s ish o, but the brother ENJOYED talking, mmn mmn, he LUHVES (lil bro’s word for excess love) contributing; bible study o, prayer meetings o, bible study unit meetings o, just gather the brethren and start talking and the brother’s hand automatically goes UP! Indicating that DESIRE to talk, English-in-Igbo kwa.

Two bible studies ago, he and bro Uboho had set the meeting ablaze, or rather, the trio ablaze, at least the trio had been genuine enough to laugh that loud or maybe rather their inability to keep so much body racking laughter to themselves had earned them Papa’s stern look.
The topic had been, “Modeling Christ as Jesus Corpers” and somehow, as expected, the issue of dressing lingered, courtesy of bros Abana and Uboho.

“…Add diz to dah former one I tohk eh-lia, sisters here donh lyke to we-eh shord shord sked, no, not ifen the smo sisters, na women in dese world dah lyke to we-eh shord shord sked! And brodas dey suffah all diz tin o, eh? You dohn tish the wrong person the right somtin, you carry tish the right person the right tin, so I dohn like it wen broDA Ubana (Abana) tohk dad sisters like shord shord sked, awa sisters here haf try had to wear long sked, so donh come and tok dy dat, pls, eh, mbok. Ifen bible haf tohk dad we shud be en-ko-reshing one anoda, no be so?! See, Wen I was in uni-veh-ity….”

Chizzy’s insides were erupting, bro Uboho and his off point contributions plus his Calabar-English eh, to imagine all he’d been trying to do was rebuke bro Abana for saying sisters loved wearing short skirts, Abana abi Ubana, should rather know that the wearers of the forbidden skirt length were worldly women and brothers in church suffered the immoral dress sense more and that even the bible said brethren should encourage one another, so ouse sisters should rather be commended and blabla…

Abana stood up! Stood and told the brethren to pleasi helpu him andi explainu to bloda Uboko (Uboho) that sinu was firstu completed in the hat of manu before it is fruitilizedu and thati a sister isu wear longi sketu dosu notu mean thati she is notu going about nakedu in ha hat. Thati, they mustu stopi disi kind of blin-ded-nessu in chlisty-ten-dom, maka na Jesus abiaro onwu ewu na okuku (literally: because Jesus did not come to die the death of goats and fowls), onwu ya diri ya penfulu (His death was painful for Him)...

Even Tc busted then, Papa didn’t see her though because she had been directly behind Chizzy who was clapsing her mouth and yet failing to stifle the throaty guffaw that threatened to STOPU bro Abana’s contributionu!

Remember: An in-depth knowledge of God’s word changes everything, EVERYTHING. The letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth life. The entrance of His word bringeth life and understanding to the simple heart! Dwell in His word, DWELL…!

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