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Run away from the noise

Koinonite | Thursday, 10 November 2016 | | |
Have you notice that they will post pictures on social media and a large number click and 'like'?

They post Church/government rumor, many click and digest and even forward on.

But a few post the following kind of messages and it is boring to their eyes, what a generationπŸ€—

Please take the next few minutes and read this life-altering article from my like-minded in Christ, feel free to share it; it is needed at this time.

"The blaring (loud unpleasant noise) music from the speakers of the stereo, prevented Lady A who was standing afar off, from hearing clearly the words of Lady B. But if Lady A was determined to know what Lady B had to say due to the importance of the 'information', all lady A needed to do was to move closer to lady B and listen attentively! ISN'T IT???

Likewise also, no matter the 'noise' around today, via false prophets, worldly songs and videos from the entertainment industry, high rate of moral decadence, etc; the VOICE OF TRUTH cannot be silenced nor changed. It is now left for whoever cares to listen to the Voice of Truth, knowing it's importance, and that it is LIFE to his/her soul; to move closer to the SOURCE(God), Read His MANUAL (Bible), and give full concentration, avoiding the 'distracting noise'!

These days, we see a lot of misinterpretation to God's Word all in the bid to satisfy the flesh, a lot of preachers(even social media preachers) who now fail to speak the Truth on Holiness to their congregation, just because of their selfish gains; all they do is make 'empty proclamations'! A lot of 'it doesn't matter', worldliness even in the church; all in the bid to CHANGE, SILENCE, DILUTE THE TRUTH.

This has even made a lot to be confused as to know what God's Word really says; and many have left the narrow way to the broad way, where anything goes!!! BUT, I tell you, whether we like it or not; WE HAVE NO EXCUSE! We have the Bible, The Holy Spirit, and other Faithful Preachers of God's Word, if indeed we desire to what the TRUTH is, what GOD's Word really stands for, and His Pattern of Holiness!

This is also a CHALLENGE to those who have been saved by Grace, and God has revealed HIS TRUTH to them; but fail to preach this TRUTH to others, fail to rescue the perishing: Ezekiel 3:18 says: "When I say unto the wicked, thou shalt surely die; and you givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but HIS Blood WILL I REQUIRE AT THINE HAND".

WHATEVER FORM YOUR MESSAGE/TEACHINGS TAKES, IF IN THE END, IT DOES NOT POINT OTHERS TO CHRIST, THEN IT IS 'MERE NOISE'! The 'TRUTH TELLERS' have their reward in Heaven, the 'NOISE MAKERS' have their reward in Hell; what group do you belong?

My Beloved brothers/sisters, irrespective of the 'noise' around, the Word of God remains unchanged! It is wise for us not to be carried away, but FOCUS on the TRUTH God has given to us, and hold on to it tightly!

The world is preparing for the Antichrist, let's make our 'VOICE OF TRUTH' loud enough even to our immediate family, and let's all get prepared for the imminent return of Christ; it is just around 'the corner'! Let's keep our eyes fixed on the PRIZE, and not be distracted from the narrow way. My Beloved, whatever it will take us to walk that street of gold, to enter in through the pearly gates of Heaven, to wear that golden crown; Let us all do!!!
I'll also like to invite you, still living in sin, to COME INTO THE ARK (JESUS) NOW; because, the 'flood of God's wrath and indignation' is coming upon this world! JESUS is the ONLY WAY, and He is going to judge all based on His Word! Your Pastor, friends, parents, cannot save you on that day; NO EXCUSE will be tenable on that day!

Mere Religion cannot save you, PRACTICAL LIFE OF HOLINESS WITHIN and WITHOUT is the key! ACT FAST! ACT RIGHT! ACT NOW!!! Revelation 20:15: "And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire". WHERE IS YOUR (MY) NAME WRITTEN??? "

Give your life to Jesus today, and be set free. Look for a bible believing Church and grow in your faith.

Blessings, Mrs. Rabi E. [Original article from Funmibi O.]

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