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Courtesy pays

Ihuoma Chidire | Friday, 4 November 2016 | | |
You see, this young man entered the cab without my casting a second glance, but from my side view I knew he was dark, at least that much needed no not-minding-my-business to be seen. Some seconds after he sat, I saw a colleague-cum-hihi-friend and enthused from the cab all that, 'where's you doing the externship bla bla' and etc.
Then out of nowhere, after we had just moved off, Jonny-just-enter asked strongly,
"what level are you?"

"I'm not a student" I replied plainly, with soooo much sarcasm-intent.

"You have grajd?" (slang for graduated I believe) Jonny ventured again.

"mn" I must have mumbled, so dazed that people were still THIS rude.

My point exactly; a lil, 'hello', 'hi there' or even 'sorry' before the SILLY, quiet offensive, very-rude, off-the-point question was 'imposed' would have been a manner-so-approachable. Nobody's 'feeling hot' here, don't get this wrong, just that my state of shock showed that I NEVER imagined people could replace hello with, "what level are you?
What uncivility?! (if the word's still in vogue, that is).
All the same, let's learn to be polite! You could never imagine what DOORS of INFORMATION a little politeness, courtesy, could open up for you!

And for the records, I silently dared Jonny-Rudey to ask just one more question, one more, so I'ud ask, "How many wives does your Dad have?" Just to see his re-action! Cos on his face would have been my earlier re-action staring me in the face.


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