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Family Ouse 9

Ihuoma Chidire | Wednesday, 11 January 2017 | | |
That was the story behind Dikachi’s journey to RAINBOWING, the sister began combining, it wasn’t here o. On one Sunday, they saw; Purple beret, yellow blazer, she had a truck load of dem blazers, black and green stripped skirt, white camisole, purple rose, red wrist watch, red, yellow and green polka dotted handbag with black shoes and a white handkerchief, she never went without a kerchief. Ada knew G-Aunty was only appearing this way cos of her challenge but she wouldn’t let it slide. She kept making exaggerated sympathetic remarks of sisters with ill- taste fashion buds and the alarming increase of disciples being recruited in the ouse, intending to slight Dikachi who was hanging around Chizzy and Ossai more often now, having lost most of her acknowledged friends to the POP-divide.
One of those days, think on a Saturday, while they were decorating the sanctuary, Sister Obia walked in, she’d just come in from the market, and was spotting a collared A-line pink gown that had an attached white camisole and pink snickersish ropes that could be drawn and knotted as you’ud your snickers and of course pink belt, she’d securely knotted this behind. A red handbag hung from her right shoulder probably to match the red wrist watch she wore. She wore the Nude flats, sweet potatoes nude.

“SIS.tah Chezzi guraftahnoon” Obia’s spirits were HIGH,

“Ehn, ah Obia, I was wondering why I hadn’t seen you all this while, good afternoon dear,” She turned to greet properly, recognizing the voice first,

“Sister, where are you coming from glittering like this nah? You’ud be enjoying alone, eating your allowee yasef yasef” Ada who’d been sitting with her back to the sanctuary entrance, supplying bellow-belt humour aimed at ‘destroying’ the ego of foes like Dikachi et al, swung round.

“Jesus o, Orbi, ina ete kwa ka anwu o. You’re shinning like the sun o.” Ada exclaimed, genuinely shocked at the choice of colour combo. Obia was all grins already,

“nnwanne madu, it isu God o. Person sister, it’s God o.”

“My dear, God is sooo good He makes you shine like the RAINBOW!” Ada couldn’t resist the bite. Chizzy cleared her throat and tried to catch Ossai’s eye, that one was already snickering, though a lil embarrassed all the same. Only they knew what exactly their friend was up to.

“hehe, SIS.tah Ahda, you are soh funny, which one is lainbow?!”

“Ask yasef nah, you came in looking all RAINBOW. Nna, combination giwa n’abazikwa na anya, o n’achazikwa ka decoration material. (literally) your combination is entering the eye o, it’s coloured like this decoration material.”

Sis Obia was only beginning to get the point however slow. Chizzy quickly intervened,

“Orbi, pls go and change up if you want to and come join us, we need more hands dear, not everyone here is willing to help.” She eyeballed Ada.

“Eh o, every man should mine his field in this harvest o. Do I use to ask anybody to come and help me pray in intercessory unit? Bikonu, mine your field, lemme mine my own. Even Jesus said the Labourers are few, so oburo this one you’re saying now!”

“Ada ehn, you’re impossible, tufia!” Chizzy bantered.

“Ehn, are we not all impossible?! All these people that would be combining aggressive colours and shinning like rainbow, looking like your deco materials are they possible? Rappu dah thing, nobody is possible, only with God is everything possible.” Ada was enjoying Dikachi’s silence, what could she even say.

“Ada shift biko, ina ako off point every time.” Chinenye joined.

“As in eh, OFF THE HOOK.” Chizzy echoed, waving her right hand twice in short movements.

“Which one is off ther hoork, eh Chizzy? See, off ther hoork or not, my own cannot be worse than Bro. Abana’s off point o. Stay and be forming English, don’t tell all these colour-abusing brethren to repect dress sense small.” She winked at her friends and nodded in Dikachi’s direction; it was her secret victory sign, one the other two understood and were helpless about.

They could not stop Ada’s villainous vain attacks on unsuspecting brethren, all they always could do was sympathize with the victim who often never knows he/she is a victim or even a side-victim, cos in such onslaughts, there were always side-victims, like today, Obia had been the side-victim. Ada’s taking her on was just a bait to lure Dikachi into the conversion so she could tell her just what she thought of her recent fashion-preferences. It pained Chizzy that Ada should know better; Dikachi’s clothes were sent back home so she’s been trying to made do with what she still had left. Ada should just let things rest really.

Ada walked off flashing her dentition in very gay spirits, she hoped Queen G-Aunty and the Rainbow famille represented in the Deco team would have learnt a lesson or two. She only wished G-Aunty had said a word, just one word, so she’ud have told her to her face that she’s crowned her, Acting President, Rainbow Brethren Associates. She felt the victory thrill again; this POP-divide wasn’t this bad after all now.

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