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Waiting for the "Opportunity" that will make you blow

Chimdindu Ugwuanyi | Friday, 13 January 2017 | | |
"I will soon blow"

"blow to where?", I asked the young man. 

When all you do is sit here throwing things into your mouth and calling on every lady that passes by. Obi's face has become a sign post to locate either the school or Mama Neye's shop. 

It was one of those days I had to pick my brothers from school and the teacher remembers to display all her teaching skills. And everyone had to wait outside the school gate to pick their kids or siblings. I decided to sit at Mama Neye's shop who was our usual gala and lacasera customer. I can't even explain exactly how I got into this discussion with this guy but you know when it's supposed to be an interaction but at this point you just sit mute starring. 

So this particular day he was telling me how he will become successful when the time comes. That his opportunity will come soon. He was so defensive and didn't allow anyone interrupt his speech, so I just watched him rant. 

The truth is that just like Newton's 1st law of motion 'an object either remains at rest unless acted upon by a net force.' Many people sit down doing nothing and keep waiting for this opportunity that will make them blow. 

My dear, you can't risk your life to that, create opportunities for yourself. We think success is an opportunity or event, so we wait for it. This is a deception. An opportunity may help you but it won't guarantee your success. 

We believe success comes from luck, so we hope for it. Sweetheart, you may hope to the grave. Some think success is leverage and recognition, so they strive for that. See, being in all those top political or powerful positions does not mean you are successful. 

Then others think success comes from connections, so they network for it. Success is in how you treasure and maximize today, yesterday is gone and you can't depend on tomorrow. Living today at its best is living successful.

So, are you waiting for the opportunity that will make you blow?
Think again...

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